• Introducing Team CSC

  • Part 1 – USDA & Economic Report Alerts

    Think about it…

    How many times have you been blindsided by an Economic Report, like FOMAC, or an Unemployment Report or a Crop Report like WASDE? If you are like me, it’s happened more than once and it’s very frustrating and often very expensive if you don’t know they are coming out.

    I’m a technical trader and I look at charts and analyze them before placing a trade. But that doesn’t mean that I should not at least be aware of important dates when Economic & USDA reports are coming out and at what time. This way I can better manage my positions. Some of these reports can really move the markets in a matter of minutes after they are released.

    For years, I would try my best to find out when all the important reports are coming out and at what time. I’d enter them into my Outlook calendar and try and set an alert the day before, then I’d forget and dismiss it or even worse I’d miss putting the report date on my calendar. I tried everything I knew to get all the reports, the dates and the times all in one place. Then I found out that about half of the reports, if not more, were not even important enough to really matter very much. I would spend an entire day or more every month doing this because as a trader, it’s important to know.

    Then I went on a quest and spent the better part of a month looking for a website that had all the Economic and USDA reports in one location. Well it didn’t exist and since it didn’t exist I was back to square one again.

    Then I started thinking; I know that can be a dangerous thing for me to do, but I’m not the only one facing this problem and I’m going to do something about it.

    In my quest, I found an application that did everything I wanted and more. It’s called Trello and it’s free for you to use.

    Once I started using it I was hooked. I could set up multiple events on a specific date and time. I could have the application send me an email, the day before the event. This way I knew in advance that a major Economic or USDA Report was about to come out. I could add notes and links to the pages that tell me about his report and all this would be sent in the email reminder the day before the report came out. Of course I could just look at the calendar online anytime I wanted to. This way I could see all the important reports coming out that week or even for the entire month.

    Then I got to thinking again wouldn’t it be great if I could share my calendars will all my students and since I’ve got thousands of students. this would be a major benefit for them also.

    Part 2 – Seasonal Trade Alerts

    I’m sure you are aware that all markets have seasonal tendencies. This includes the Gains, Meats, Energies, Currencies, Metals, Stock Indices.

    In other words ANY markets you or I trade have certain seasonal trends. At certain times of the year will tend to turn Bearish or Bullish at specific times every year. Of course just because a certain market as turned bullish or bearish on June 1st, 8 out of the last 10 years, doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen again this year. But I only choose markets that have an 80% win ratio. This is pretty darn good in my opinion and I’ve seen certain markets with 100% win ratio! As a trader, this is incredible information to have at your finger tips.

    Here’s an example using just the Japanese Yen:

    1. Bullish on Jan. 24th 2018 thru Feb. 28th, 2018 (30 days)
    2.  15 Years of history
    3. 12 Winning Trades
    4. 3 losing trades
    5. Average profit per trade of $1,943.33
    6. Total profits of $29,150.01 (and this is just one of dozens of markets)

    I will actually draw out each of the dates along with their past history on my charts every month and post them next to the other calendar events. You will see what date specific markets should turn bullish of bearish and on what day you should exit the position too. The trades I post for you will all have a minimum of an 80% win rate of a minimum of 10 years of historical data with some having 20+ years of history. They will also be rated on past performance on a scale of 1 to 5 and will even tell you if the “odds” the market being profitable based on current market conditions are high, medium, or low! All trades will have a score of at least 2.5 out of 5 and most will be between 3 and 5.

    Of course you get to pick and choose which, if any, of the markets you might want to trade that week.

    And just like with the USDA & Economic Reports you will also get an email the day before the seasonal trade should start. This way you don’t ever miss knowing that there is a seasonal trade coming up.

    You can also look at the calendar online any time you want to and see all the seasonal trades and reports that are coming out that month. Also remember you will get a screenshot of the seasonal trade all drawn out on the chart with days to enter and exit, percent of win ratios, trade score and if the trade is rated high, medium or low based on what the market is currently doing. I can’t make it any easier than that.

    Part 3 – Trade Watch List

    When I see certain market that I feel is shaping up for a trade I put it in the calendar along with a chart and my analysis of the trade. And of course you will get a notification with the chart and my analysis on it as soon as I post it to the calendar.

    Part 4 – Bi-weekly Educational Webinars

    Twice a month I will host a LIVE educational Webinar for you.  I will be doing a training on various topics like how to use a certain indicator, how to find profit targets, how to trade various option strategies and a whole lot more. The will be live, interactive Webinars where everyone can ask questions and get answers to them.

    You might be thinking that you can’t always be available at the time I do the Webinar. Don’t worry, they are recorded and posted online so you can watch them later. They will be available for 24 hours for Standard Members and Premium Members will have access to ALL the archived Webinars. So overtime there will be hundreds of Webinars that you can watch anytime you want to as a Premium Member. (More about this below)

    Part 5 – Instant Notifications Of All Events

    I will be using an application called Telegram (it’s free) to have instant notification on your desktop computer, tablet and smart phone. Miss an email, don’t worry I will send it to you in Telegram. So everything listed above will also be sent to you via Telegram. It’s lightening fast (under 5 seconds from the time I send it) and will include screen shots of charts, important report dates and any trade I put in the Trade Watch Calendar. This is part of the Premium Member package. (More info below)

    Here are the top 10 reasons you will get being a Team CSC Member. (I feel a little bit like David Letterman now)

    1. I do all the research to find the USDA & Economic reports that are important for a trader and put them in my calendar, make notes, links, etc. so you don’t have to. It takes me about 10 hours to do this every month in case you’re wondering.
    2. Seasonal Trades where I do all the work to find trades that have won at least 80% of the time with a minimum 10 year historical track record. As an extra bonus if you are using Track-n-Trade Live software you will even get the entire Seasonals chart book that you can open in Track-n-Trade! (Premium Members Only get the actual chart book)
    3. Trade watch charts sent to you in an email and posted to my Calendar when I see a trade shaping up that I think you should know about. (Premium Members get them instantly in Telegram)
    4. USDA & Economic Reports so that you will never be blindsided by a report coming out that you did not know about. This will save you a ton of money!
    5. Seasonal Trades Posted and Emailed to you. I’m doing all the research to find the very best possible Seasonal Trades for you.  Remember that I will only post trades that have won at least 80% of the time for at least the last 10 years. Of course that doesn’t mean that it will happen this year but 80% or better odds seem pretty darn good.
    6. Live bi-weekly Webinars that you will be able to join me Special Weekly Webinars that I’m doing where I will be providing special training that you can attend. I record them and they are available to everyone for 24 hours and Premium Members can access the archives where all the archived Webinars can be watched.
    7. Subscribers will have access to my Trello calendar with all the USDA & Economic Reports as well as all the Seasonal trades posted.
    8. You are going to have access to my calendar in Trello that will have report dates and seasonal trades in it and you will get an email about the event the day before. Did I mention that the Trello application is FREE!
    9. Telegram – The greatest app I’ve ever found for instant communications for sending out instant communications, chart alerts, breaking news that can effect the markets, my Seasonal trades, etc. Also you will have the ability to chat directly with me anytime you have a question. (Premium Members Only)
    10. Private Webinars – Want to have a private one-on-one Webinar with me and review my trades, positions your are in or just talk about the markets? I have to limit these to two a month for about 30 minutes each. You will have access to my appointment calendar. Just book it in one of the open time slots. (Premium Members Only)

    As always let me know if you have any questions.