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  • Using The Economic Calendar

    To start with, this calendar should be a major importance to all traders. As you can see in the example below on the 10th there are several “events” that day. This is from a previous calendar and does not necessarily mean it’s in the current calendar above this explanation.

  • I want to breakdown one event here. The first event at 8:30 AM is entitled UNEMPLOYEMENT CLAIMS. To the left you will see “Notes” and “Details”. Both of these are of course links on their own. Just click on Notes and guess what happens” Yep, a note pops up like the one to the side. The note is scrollable also. You can’t edit it though as I’m the only one who can do that. You can also zoom it out with the icon next to the “X” icon or even print it if you wanted to. I don’t know why anyone would do that but you can. Of course you can just click the “X” icon and close it. The links (if any) that you see in the notes also work! So you can see even more detailed information.

  • Next to “Notes” you will see a link named “Details” which is a link to additional information. It opens a new window by the way so you can just close that window and you are right back here at my calendar.

    In the calendar every month you are going to see various Events. I’ll list a few of them below that were on the March 2016 Calendar to give you an idea. Of course the above calendar is probably not the March 2016 calendar so it will look different.

    1. USD - ISM Manufacturing PMI
    2. US Dollar - ADP Non-Farm Employment Change
    3. Crude Oil Report
    4. UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS (In all caps because it’s important)
    5. USD Hourly Earnings, Non-Farm Employment - Trade Balance - UNEMPLOYMENT RATE
    6. USD - CB Consumer Confidence

    You will also see sometimes something like USD (US Dollar) or GBP (Great British Pound). I put this next to events because some of the events can have a major impact on those markets.

  • Event Reminders

    Did you notice the little “bell” icon next to the Event description? Guess what that’s for?

    You got it, a reminder and in many cases multiple reminders! I can set up to five for each event as you can see below. Now how cool is that? You can’t see it on the public calendar but you can on you own calendar. More on that shortly.

  • How many times have you been caught off-guard by some report that sends the market limit-up or limit-down where it cost you an arm and a leg because you didn’t know the report was coming out? I know I have in the past. Well you aren’t going to have that excuse anymore because you can be notified about any and all the events on my calendar in advance! Below is a sample of one of the email alerts that you will be able to get. You can also get text message right on your phone.

  • As a matter of fact, you can even have your own calendar app just like mine that has my calendars in it and the app does a whole lot more than just Calendars. You might be wondering how much this app cost so I’ll tell you. The app is FREE. That’s right it’s free.

    Click HERE to find out how you can get some or all of my calendars and how you can be notified in advance of the events when they come out.

    I’ve got more calendars than are publicly posted on the website that you can have access to. Here is a list as of right now that are available.

    1. Economic Reports Calendar
    2. USDA Reports Calendar
    3. Seasonal Trades Calendar (This one will blow you away)
    4. Special Events Calendar (I’ll be doing special webinars and training events every month)
    5. Watch List Calendar (Certain markets I’m looking at)
    6. Webinars & Trade Alerts Calendar (I do daily live workshops and post the link in the recorded webinar in the calendar in case you missed the live workshop that day. I also do trade alerts and post them in the Calendar and as soon as I post a Trade Alert you are going to be instantly notified via email and/or text message and will be able to view it in your calendar)

    So click HERE right now to find out how you can be part of all this. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen in my 20 years of teaching people to trade.