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    If you are new to options trading, this section will define what options and explain the most basic concepts. It is important that you understand these basic concepts and terminology before you get into the more advanced topics.
    This Course Includes:
    • Options Basics, Bearish vs Bullish
    • Volatility, Decay, and Futures
    • Terminology & Other Key Elements
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  • David Duty

     The Author of
    Common Sense Options

    Brings to you a new way to trade with his trusted course filled with instruction, commentary, videos, practical applications, and practice assignments.

     Learn to Trade from One of the Greatest Traders Since the 90's. David has Dedicated His Time to Helping Other Trade Options Using His Same Methods. 

  • Common Sense Options is the greatest course on the market for learning options trading.

    Common Sense Options was written with the sole purpose of teaching someone to trade options for a living or for increasing ones profits in the Futures markets.

    If you have ever wanted to learn to trade options in the past or if you are just looking to add options to your trading strategy then Common Sense Options is just what you have been looking for. Trading options doesn’t have to be difficult, even though some educators try to impress you with how much they know by complicating something that is in reality pretty easy to learn. I’m not going to impress you with how much I know.

    What I’m going to impress you with is how fast you are going to learn how to trade options and how much money can be made trading them.

    After all, isn’t that what’s really important?

    This course is unlike anything you have ever seen before. First we start out with the concept that you don’t even know what an option is, much less how to trade them. Then I show you several different very simple option strategies that can you start using on day one to make money. Then the fun stuff starts. I’m going to teach you how to use options along with Futures to increase your reward potential while at the same time reducing your risk on those trades.

    Well, if that sounds too good to be true, it really isn't.

    You are going to find that options give you more trading opportunities than you ever dreamed of.

    If you are like most people, you look at a chart and see what you think is a great trade setting up but there is just too much risk. Not anymore! I don’t care what market you are trading or if the market is going up, down or even sideways, you will now be able to trade it and trade it with less risk and often with even more potential profits. My complete options course contains dozens of different strategies that will allow you to trade any market at any time and without any of the complicated techno jargon you might have seen in other courses.

    Not only have I made this course easy to understand, I’ve also made it fun! The course is over 250 pages printed in full color and comes with 39 separate videos that show you exactly how each of the strategies work in the real markets. And at the end of each lesson there are assignments available just to make sure you are grasping the concepts that you are learning.

    As a Common Sense Options student you will be able to join my other students around the world who have taken this course in my student forum and on special option webinars that I do every month. I have students in over 67 countries and have been teaching people to trade since 1997. I’m also going to include a free 14 day trial to some software that you can start using day one to practice what you are learning in the course and on the videos. It’s the same software that I use every day too. You will get a discount if you decide to buy the software because you are one of my students. There are two different online seminars that I host for two days each. One is going to be on futures trading and the other on options trading.

    There are going to be other big name educators co-hosting these seminars with me. My Common Sense Options course comes with a no questions ask refund policy. Get the course read and study it, watch the videos, join in the special webinars and student forum and if for any reason you don’t feel that you got more than you monies worth, just send it back for a full refund and keep the ten hours of videos just for trying out the course. Please contact me after you get the course and I will send you all the links you need to join the student's forum and the Webinars. My contact info is in the course.

  • Testimonials on My Complete Options Course

  • I can only reiterate the glowing remarks that others who gave this course a five-star review have made. Along with other courses that David has authored, I was one of the first to purchase his Common Sense Options course. David doesn't just sell courses--he follows through with his time. He considers each person who purchases his course, his student, and he personally cares about each and every student. In order to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the concepts involved in charting and trading commodities and options, David goes the second mile to give you access to all videos and notes that pertain to his courses, and he is always available to answer any questions that you may have. He is a born teacher and trainer, and I consider his courses basic to laying a solid foundation for your lifelong trading experience, be it in commodities or stocks

    Rating: M. Anne Coker

  • I have taken several options courses but never really developed a good understanding of just exactly how options worked in the real world. This was something that I just couldn't quiet get a handle on. After taking David's Common Sense Commodities course I decided to go ahead and take his Common Sense options course as well. Am I glad I did! He presents options in a realistic down to earth way. He illustrates with humor, and realistic examples. Like his Common Sense Commodities course he includes videos of each concept he presents. So one does not only get understanding thru the written word, but also thru a visual presentation. He is a very personable and genial kind of guy. Generous with his time and expertise, I have found him to be an excellent mentor. I would highly recommend this course to not only the beginning trader but also to the more experienced trader as well.

    Rating: Options Student

  • I also traded with the first course David used and was hooked on trading but didn't do very well the first time trading. I found David's course. This is a practical, easy-to-understand, guide to technical analysis. I've read many books on the subject and none of them come close to the ease of learning. You can read this book and begin paper trading within one week. Seriously. And the methods he teaches are high probability winning methods. David is also a great guy. I've had the opportunity to speak with him a few times and his passion for teaching his students is evident immediately. This course changed my life, as I'm now a trader. Thank you David writing this and getting me back into the markets.

    Rating: L H

  • Great learning experience. I came away with a better understanding of how to read charts and use them to find better trading opportunities. The extremely informative session on options gave me super risk management and money management tools that I need for successful trading. The most impressive thing about this seminar is that the instructors are experienced traders - They didn't give us "theory or sugar coated". It was straight from the shoulder, real world stuff!

    Rating: Carole J. Oakland, CA USA

  • I bought this course several years ago, it is one of the best courses on options on futures I've ever read. I'm a visual investor, I love to see charts, and pictures, and not just a bunch of words on a page. If you're like me, you'll love David's course, it's not just another "me too" book on options, this is a real course, with lots of charts, lots of examples, and lots of additional resources to help you understand difficult concepts that many traders simply ignore, because it's never been explained to them in understandable terms. David has a way of bringing hard concepts into light, with simple examples and understandable language. The best part of this course is that the author gives you his phone number, you can call him and he's always willing to talk you through any concept or chapter that you might have questions with...he's truly one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and he never makes you feel like you're wasting his time, no matter how silly you might think your question. If you've ever thought about trading options on futures, this is the only book/course you'll need.

    Rating: L Turner

  • Well, I came all the way from Toronto, and it is was worth every cent. David is not only, knowledgeable, helpful, and caring, but a heck of a nice guy. I finally understood a whole bunch of concepts that had been very blurry before. The second day on Options was also HUGELY informative. It was also very cool to meet 9 other students from around the world. I could go on and on and on about good stuff about the seminar, but it is 5:00 am, and a cup of coffee is calling my name!!!!

    Rating: Keith A. Toronto, ONT Canada

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