• Commodity Futures Trading Course

  • There are many new traders who want to learn to trade but don’t know which commodity futures trading course to get. Everyone knows that there are about a “gazillion” out on the market to choose from.

    I can tell you that in general terms, “you get what you pay for”. Free and cheap courses are often worth what you pay for them. In many cases they are used strictly as a promotional tool to hook you into buying something more expensive.

    Avoid the Scam With Commodity Futures Trades Course’s

    This happened to me back in the 90’s with a cigar smoking cowboy who promised that if I bought his course for $200 it would be everything I would ever need to learn to trade. I bought it and then got bombarded to buy his $5,000 program(s) which like an idiot I did. I should have known better. I studied everything he had and thought I knew what I was doing. I quickly lost about $20,000. Ouch!

    But this is the reason that I wanted to learn to trade. I looked at it like this; if someone (me) lost $20,000 then someone else (them) made $20,000. I had to figure out what I was doing wrong and they were doing right.

    It took me over two years and during that time I read over 100 books on trading, went to seminars across the USA, watched videos, bought other commodity trading courses and options trading courses. It was a frustrating time for me because one person would say trade this way and another would say no this is how you trade. But I found out that they all agreed on one thing, technical analysis. Then the light went on. It was one of those “oh yea” moments in my life.

    I then started showing some of my friends what I was doing, and then their friends, them my neighbors, then my kids and so on. I even rented a small classroom at a university in Denver and started teaching people to trade for free one or two nights a week. I would do a section on a certain topic like Trend-lines, Chart Patterns, Support and Resistance or something else and hand them out to the class. Then one night one of my “students” told me I should put all this in a book and call it “Common Sense Commodities” since that is really what it was; common sense. Well that was in 1999 or 2000.

    Now I have thousands of students in over 67 countries many of whom have become good friends.

    Take the Right Commodity Future Trading Course

    Commodity Futures Trading CourseSo what should you look for in a commodity future trading course if you want to learn to trade? That’s a good question and there is not a specific answer. I can tell you that you must first get a firm grasp on the basics of trading; things like Trendlines, Support and Resistance, Fibonacci retracements, Triangles, Pennants and Flags as well as a very solid understanding of how to figure your risk reward ratios and how to limit your losses.

    Most new trades focus on how much money they can make. What you should focus on is how much money you can lose! Most people who start to trade only focus on how much then can make and think they are going to get rich overnight. Some have but they were lucky. To make money long term, you must learn to trade and you must start with the basics. If you don’t understand the basics of trading, you will never master the art of trading. Yes, it’s an art! Did I also mention it’s a job? It’s not going to be a 15 minute a day job either.

    I can’t begin to tell you how many people ask me what kind of trading system I use. Well I don’t use a trading system because they don’t work. What does work is a trading methodology based on a firm understanding of the basics. It’s going to take time to learn but it’s worth it. The freedom that trading can give you is incredible to say the least. You can go anywhere, live anywhere, travel and still trade. All you need is a laptop, Internet connection and some good charting software.

    So, if you want to learn (there is that darn word again) to trade it will take you some time and effort. How long and how much effort is dependent upon several things; like how disciplined are you, how do you handle risk, etc.

    You will also need a trading account with enough money in it to trade. How much money? That depends but I would say that a small account is about $10,000. Of course you can trade Forex with as little as $500 and make a whopping $5.00 to $10.00 a “pip”. That is a very slow way to get rich by the way.

    Feel free to check out my course, Common Sense Commodities and Common Sense Options if you are looking for a commodity future trading course. My commodity course was rated as the #1 course on the market to learn to trade. You can also go search for it on Amazon.com in the book store and see what others think about it by reading the reviews. Right now all the reviews are 5 stars but one and it’s a 4.9. Not bad in my opinion.

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