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  • These Calendars Are Incredible!

    Do you know how many different Economic and USDA reports come out every year? Well I don't either, but there are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of reports but how many of them are really important to YOU as a trader? 

    Take a close look at the Economic Calendar below. Do you see all the reports that are scattered around on the various dates? Well, these are the Economic reports than can greatly affect your bottom line. And this is just ONE of my calendars that you can have access to. Also scroll down on the Economic calendar page for more information. 

    Anyone who has been trading for long knows how volatile markets become on report dates. They can send a market straight up or straight down within minutes. If you are in a trade, or even looking to get into a trade, when a specific report is coming out you need to be prepared. It can either cost you or make you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in a matter of hours. 

    On every calendar I have and for each event on that calendar, I will send you an email and a text message reminder. One reminder goes out 24 hours before the event and the second one goes out about an hour before the event. This way you will NEVER be blindsided by a major report again. This alone can make you, or save you, thousands of dollars. Once you see how this works, you will never want to trade without them again.