• Best Commodity Trading Platform

  • I've been using the Track 'n Trade Futures Trading Platform for over 15+ years.  It is the best out there and I recommend it to all of my students.  Placing commodities orders and options orders is seamless and quick. Pick up your own copy or try it free for 14 days by clicking the "Get Track 'n Trade Now" button below. No credit card required.

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  • Track 'n Trade Software Includes

  • Live Futures Trading Platform
    Track 'n Trade Live Futures Trading Platform base application provides robust market access and Live Streaming Data

  • Bulls 'n Bears Plug-in
    Proprietary user-definable Buy/Sell signals, advantage lines, and color-coded ticks

  • Autopilot Plug-in
    Build and test strategies. Automatically execute trades while you're away.

  • Seasonal Plug-in
    Identify seasonal trends, historical averages, and market probability

  • Candlestick Auto-Recognition Plug-in
    Auto recognize popular candlestick formations, customizable to find your ideal candlestick patterns.

  • Commitment of Traders Plug-in
    Weekly report of what others are trading represented as a graph