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LIVE Daily Market Workshops

Meet David Duty
LIVE Daily Market Workshops




Every Trading Day!

Join David in his LIVE morning trading workshop!
Work with David, as he walks through making wise
trading decisions within the financial markets.


David Duty - Trading Coach

David Duty, Trader Educator & Adventurist

Founded MacGuide which he took public on NASDAQ, publisher of GuidaMac Italia, Rome, Italy

Nominated “Entrepreneur of The Year,” INC, Magazine. & Internationally acclaimed Speaker

David started trading in 1995 and by his own admission he did not set the world on fire his first time at bat. However he looked at it as a positive learning experience because if he lost money then someone else made money. 

Then one day he said, “The light went on.” And he decided that trading was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Later, he started teaching others to trade, and that’s when he wrote his first course entitled Common Sense Commodities, later to become rated the #1 course in the “Learn To Trade Market.”

David has since written a Common Sense Options trading course which has also had tremendous success. With students in over 67 countries David continues to trade, teach, and write from his home in Panama.

Come and join David on-line, he’s truly one of the most “down to earth,” and kindest people you will ever meet.  He truly loves teaching people how to trade. 



Don’t Trade Alone!

Grab a hot cup of coffee, fire up your Track ‘n Trade LIVE trading platform, and join David Duty, former CTA, via live web-cast, each and every morning as he walks through the daily trading opportunities.

Follow David’s track record of success, even follow his personal trades, or ask him about your own trades, ask him to take a look at what you’re working on!  It’s good to have a trained ear who will listen and discuss the various possibilities as you work together to make trading a success. 

How is this done?

David uses an on-line seminar tools that allows you, directly through the Internet and through your Internet browser, to see David’s own computer screen, and hear his voice, live, watch as he works through analyzing and trading the financial markets. (Web-cast service costs you nothing.) Get to know the man behind the trades, talk to him personally, ask questions, make comments, and discuss trades with other participants

What is included?

Daily LIVE morning trading workshop. Work with David as he walks through making wise trading decisions within the financial markets.

30 minute private question and answer Webinar once a month with David. David normally charges $500 an hour for this and it’s included for free with your membership.

Weekly “educational” Webinar where he teaches about all the different indicators and trading tools he uses.

Weekly newsletter on Friday showing any trades he likes and exactly how you might trade them. 

Trade Alerts throughout the week that David will send out to everyone. 

25% discount on all David’s courses including his two current courses if you don’t already own them and on three new courses he is currently writing.

In addition you will get the “best price guarantee” on all software purchased from Gecko Software. You do not need to have any special software to follow David’s trades and/or Webinars. The Webinars are recorded everyday so if you miss one you can always watch them whenever you want to. The Webinars are Monday – Friday at 1:00 EST.

Special Bonus (valued at over $1,000) David will provide you with information about how to open an offshore trading account in Panama alone with the names of attorneys, accountants and banks that will open an account for you. This of course is completely legal and could have some great tax benefits for you. 

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