• David Duty, Trader, Educator & Adventurist

    Nominated "Entrepreneur of The Year," INC, Magazine.
    Author, Publisher & Personal Trading Coach for over 20 years

    David started trading in 1995 and a few years later he started teaching others to trade and that's when he wrote his first course entitled Common Sense Commodities, later to become the #1 rated course on how to learn to trade. The course was originally in book format, a whopping 450 pages with 39 videos on a CD Rom if you even remember what they were like.

    Today the course has been greatly updated, expanded with more course material, more videos and best of all it's instantly available online in the all new Common Sense Commodities e-Learning Center.

    To get access to the course as well as David's entire Blips course that was for sale for years for $99.00, just enter your email address in the box on the right and you will get instant access to the Mini-Course as well as David's entire Blips course.

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  • "There is a Japanese proverb, 'a book gives knowledge, but it is experience that gives under-standing'. Your real world experiences, so well presented in your commodities course, should benefit anyone who reads it. It is one of the most comprehensive courses I have ever seen and it's a great value for the money."

    Steve Nison, CMT

  • "David has turned his vast trading knowledge and experience into an educational course, loaded with examples, charts, and in depth detailed personal experiences. Anyone who might have the opportunity of spending time with David, and learn from one of the masters, is certainly in for a knowledgeable and pleasurable experience."

    Lan Turner, CEO Gecko Software Inc.

  • "I find your lessons and techniques are FANTASTIC. Before your lessons, when I looked at the charts I saw what I was supposed to, but did not quite understand what I saw. But with your lessons, the accuracy you could enter the market is amazing. Between your lessons and Gecko, it is something to watch the daily ticks on a chart stick like glue to the lines I draw in. Thank you David!"

    -Zorian B, King City, Ontario, Canada