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Welcome to Common Sense Commodities

Your source for Commodity Futures & Options Trading Training


How to Successfully Trade
Commodity Futures & Options

  • Covers the Fundamentals of Trading Futures & Options
  • Learn Technical Analysis Patterns including "The Blip"
  • See How Indicators can help you Gauge Market Direction
  • Incorporate Risk Management in Your Trading

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New to Commodity Futures or Options?


Free Introductory Commodities Lesson

New to Commodity Futures? Learn the basics of commodity futures trading, order types, points .vs cents, risk management, trendlines, indicators and much more.
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Free Introductory Options Lesson

If you are new to options trading, this section will define what options are and explain the most basic concepts. It is important that you understand these basic concepts and terminology before you get into the more advanced topics.Click here


Free Introduction to "Blips"

Learn about "The Blip", David Duty's favorite technical analysis trading pattern.
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Meet David Duty

My name is David Duty and I am the author of Common Sense Commodities Courses for both the Futures and Options markets. I've been teaching people to trade commodities for the past 10 years.

I invite you to come join "Team CSC" and when you do, I'll see you at the top! More Info

What Others Say

Experts in the Industry:


" of the most comprehensive courses I have ever seen...a great value for the money.”
-- Steve Nison, CMT
Candle Charts


"David’s course is excellent, it’s simply excellent!"

-- Lan Turner, CEO
Gecko Software


"...It's taken
not to mention THOUSANDS
of hard earned dollars, to learn what you
are offering..."
-- Raghee H.
Full-time Commodities Trader

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CSC Students Say:

"The Course is Outstanding...
Extraordinary!!I Love it, it makes me happy." --Slawek, Toronto

"The info on blips is well worth the cost of the entire [Futures] course!" -- Keith T. Chicago

"...I had to travel almost 24 hours to reach this seminar, but it was more than worth it!!"
--Shlomo R. Israel

"Nothing beats your course."
--Peter L., Denver

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